The Vineyard

 The Environment at Martins Hill Vineyard


Martins Hill Organic Wines is a NASAA certified organic vineyard, Organic Vigneron and owners Michael and Louise Sweeney planted the first vines in 1985, more vines were added to the vineyard in 2000. Over the past 4 years we have planted Riesling additional Pinot Noir and a Shiraz block has been planted on the slopes of the southwestern side of Martins Hill. These vines have all come from our library rows.

Michael is a passionate winemaker who lives the organic lifestyle, and produces low preservative and vegan friendly wines.

30 years of organic practices and not using chemicals, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers has resulted in the production of a beautiful clean fruit.

Martins Hill is a small vineyard all vines are hand worked by Michael and  Louise, for harvest each year 15 to 20 local pickers assist.

Our hardest workers in the sustainable organic process are the sheep, the birds and the lady beetles.

The sheep maintain the floor of the vineyard and nurture the earth and add nutrients to the ground.

The birds eat the locust and larvae from the vine moth. There are currently thousands of birds living in the bird hides around the Martins Hill Organic Farm, owl faces, blue and scrub wrens, finches, pardalote, thrush, magpies and chuffs, the chuff is know as the farmer’s friend as they eat the larvae of locust directly from the ground.

The lady beetles hibernate over winter in our little hotels and emerge as adults ready to work on insect control. This pre empts the time taken for an adult generation to hatch from larvae laid the previous autumn. This saves us a month in our pest management.

The lady beetle is a carnivorous insect and feeds upon mites and aphids. She can eat up to 600 in a week.


The vineyard’s carbon footprint is neutral. This has been achieved with electricity provided by a Solar Array producing 4.2 Kw. Grid connected.

The sum of all of these innovations would arguably be amongst the best carbon footprint for any vineyard.

Over the years the maturing of native plants has given the local wildlife a home at the vineyard the company of reptiles, echidnas, wombats and a large number of bird species are a part of the life at Martins Hill Vineyard.



“Caring for your health…and the environment.”